Firestorm Mariah 


Chocolate Point Siamese


Mariah is a lovely addition to the family from Firestorm cattery. Thank you Kate Carter for Mariah. 

Templeton Zelda 


Black Bicolour Oriental


Another amazing Templeton cat from Melanie in SA. We are really hoping this lovely lady will give us a black oriental. 

Jesseniah Ellianah 


Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese


Ellie comes from Leigh on the Gold Coast.I am so privileged to call this girl mine. Thank you Leigh!

Future Queen

Ayudha Dream a Little Dream of Me 


Blue Point Siamese


Our first girl from two Ayudha parents. Neytiri is the daughter of Ayudha Peregrin and Ayudha Do You Lilac it (Lila). She is a fantastic addition being a blue point. My favourite colour.