Ayudha Peregrin 
Blue Point Siamese

Peri is a blue point siamese from Vitani's first litter. This stunning boy has the sweetest temperament and the father of many Ayudha kittens.

Peri is also did very well on the NSWCFA show bench winning 2013 Male kitten of the year and 2014 Male cat of the year.

Peri will be retiring in 2018.

Glenferry Coco Republic
Chocolate Point Siamese

Coco is a chocolate point and the father of several litters here at Ayudha Cattery. He is a PRA negative making him a valuable part of my breeding program. 

Future Stud

Ayudha Daydream Believer
lilac Silver tabby Bicolour Point Siamese

His colour is a mouthful but Louie certainly is worth it. This boy is from my first Ayudha stud to Ayudha queen mating. He is very special indeed and will be staying to replace his father. Louie is also PRA negative and a cinnamon carrier.